What program do you use?

I always use Clip Studio Paint for draw and paint and Photoshop CC2018 for retouch and effects.

I also use my Ipad 2018 with Medibang for sketching and screentoning.

When do you start drawing?

I started drawing at age around 6 years old. But in digital, around 16. My first drawing was my cat and I used Paint and mouse to do the picture (laughs)

What brushes do you use?

I usually use G-pen, Saji and custom brushes in Clip Studio Paint. You can find the assets by web, totally free. For backgrounds, I usually use free pictures for customize my work.

Can I use your work for icons?

Yes, you can use it! But it's apreciated if you can credit me btw. I will love you more :3

Do you accept comissions?

Yes, at the moment I accept personal comissions and comercial work. For inquiring job, please, email me! I will answer you with no compromise.

Where I can find past Patreon tiers?

At my Gumroad! I do a mensual tiers from past Patreon tiers if you loose someone :D

What tool do you use?

I use a PC, Windows 10, Ryzen 5, 16GB.

A Huion 22PRO 2019 monitor.

An Ipad 2018.

How many time do you spent for one illustration?

It depends a lot of the difficoult of the comission. Maybe 3 hours at day or 8/11 if the background is very complexity. I can spend a lot of time doing the art line, ahaha.

What sizes do you work?

I usually work in A4 size, 350 dpi. For posters and fullbodies. 

For prints and stamps, I use A5 dpi.

Can I repost your artwork?

Totally yes, but you must credit me and add my social networks for people who wanna find me!

When do you start to work?

When the payment is realized, I will start to work, not before. Make sure you do the payment correctly!

Can I donate you?

YES, thank you so much! ;_; 
You can donate me with Paypal and KO-FI!

Your support makes me happy!