Comission Prices


  • *Please describe your character carefully then write down them onto your request note.

  • *I have the right to decline your commission if i don't feel comfortable drawing it.

  • *No rude words or trolling.

  • *Pls no tracing, copying, editting, stealing, reselling.

  • *I have the right to upload finished commissions on my websites/Gallery.

  • *The character credit is belonged to you totally, you may use it for everything but only NON-PROFITING purposes. 

  • *Special: You are not allowed to change your order(s) or anything else after the sketch is passed.

  • *Also, you are not allowed to change your order(s) to different char(s) / design(s) after i accept your commission(s). A few minor changes can be reconsidered if i think they're reasonable enough and don't affect my work schedule.


  • *Please pay first ( full or at least half payment , the rest of payment should be sent in the process) , then I will do the commission , in case that you changed your mind when i've already finished it.

  • *I only accept payment through PAYPAL.


Note: Prices listed here are base prices. All prices can increase depending on the complexity of each commission, such as detailed character designs, extra props/companions, complicated poses, etc.
Extra characters can be added for a maximum of 3 total characters. The extra price may vary, so contact me with details of the wanted illustration for a quote.

Commercial work: Some commercial usage may have an extra fee, please ask me with details of the usage beforehand. Extended project work (e.g. visual novel/game illustration, etc) has a different pricing scheme and terms, in that case contact me and we can discuss a quote for your project.
Private work: +30% fee (if you don’t want me to post/share the finished commission anywhere)

Full Illustration

Fullbody: $400 USD
Halfbody: $300 USD
Bust: $200 USD

Only soft shading.
Comes with full drawn background.
Fullbody illustrations may show 80-90% of the body instead of 100%
due to composition reasons. Hentai or not.

Simple BG

Fullbody: $300 USD
Halfbody: $200 USD
Bust: $150 USD

Comes with very simple or white/transparent background. Hentai or not.

Simple Color

Fullbody: $150 USD
Halfbody: $100 USD
Bust: $80 USD

Comes with very simple or white/transparent background. Hentai or not.

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